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Stanley Furniture


Like most manufacturing companies started in the early part of the 20th century, Stanley was founded on humble beginnings as the Industrial Revolution swept through the South and workers moved from farm to factory. With them, they brought the skills, work ethic and craftsmanship requisite to building a company that places integrity above all else.Today, we distinguish the Stanley Furniture brand through a bolstered commitment to design leadership and craftsmanship. We are specialists with a 90-year history of building exceptional wood furniture. We honor that tradition every day with our pledge to deliver striking designs, artisan finishes and superior quality as we strive to exceed our customers expectations.


像大多數製造企業在20世紀初開始,史丹利成立的開始,是因為工業革命席捲南方,工人從農場搬到了工廠,帶來技能。 今天,斯坦利家具品牌通過提振承擔設計的領導和精湛工藝是具有90年歷史的建築特殊的木質家具製造商。每天都遵守傳統,承諾,提供驚人的設計,手工裝飾和卓越的品質只為努力超越客戶的期望。

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