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ACME started doing business in Los Angeles, California in 1985. Today we have seven branches located in New York City, New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Arizona, and San Franscico. From the beginning we have set out to provide our customers with service, value and quality.


ACME家具實業有限公司,1985年開始於洛杉磯,今天,我們有位於紐約市,新澤西州,亞特蘭大,邁阿密,達拉斯,亞利桑那州和聖Franscico七家分公司。多年來,我們很自豪地說,ACME能擊敗競爭對手的價格。 除此,沒有什麼比質量更重要。這就是為什麼ACME維護自己的質量控制,每個項目必須符合具體標準。


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