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Our Mission is to be the best furniture distributor in America by way of exceeding customer expectations. We will offer the best value in merchandise and the finest service to our customers. Our goal will be met in efficient operations, utilizing teamwork, uncompromising respect and cooperation, and superior communications to provide for both our employees and customers.


在COASTER我們的願景是成為一家全球性企業。我們擁有創新,主動的團隊精神,和有效應對變化與機會的能力。 我們的使命是要成為最好的家具經銷商。我們提供最好的商品給我們的客戶,並且提供最好的服務。我們的目標是在滿足高效運營,利用團隊合作,尊重與合作,以卓越品質提供給我們的客戶。


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