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American Drew's product collections cover a broad variety of style categories including traditional, transitional and contemporary. Our collections range from the legendary 18th Century traditional "Cherry Grove", celebrating its 52nd year of success, to the extremely popular "Bob Mackie Home Collection", influenced by the world-renowned fashion designer, Bob Mackie. "Jessica McClintock Home - The Romance Collection" debuted in October 2000 with 50 uniquely designed pieces of bedroom, dining room and occasional furniture. Fashion designer Jessica McClintock is known for her romantic formal wear and now the designer has extended that look into the home furnishings arena.


公司成立於1927年,美國人德魯是介質的完善,領先的製造商,上層中等價格的臥室,餐廳和偶爾的家具。 美國德魯的產品集合涵蓋了各種各樣的風格類別,包括傳統的,過渡性和現代感。我們的產品系列範圍從傳說中的18世紀傳統的“櫻花林” ,慶祝其成功的52年,到了極受歡迎的“包柏家飾收藏”,由世界著名的時裝設計師影響。 “傑西卡麥克林托克”首次亮相於2000年10月50獨特的設計作品臥室,餐廳和偶爾的家具。時裝設計師傑西卡麥克林托克知道她的浪漫禮服,現在的設計師已經擴展了研究的家居擺設的舞台。

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